Spicy yet approachable our Habanero Lime offers burst of flavour followed by a refreshing hit of lime. Perfect for nachos and Mexican Fiestas :)

"Bacon & Kale?"

Make with double smoked real bacon. Kale packs in extra protein  and adds a nice freshness to each and every bite.

"The Original"

Our original flavour has garlic, green onion, lemon and spices. It is elegant and sophisticated much like a fine wine. 

Cottage Country Dip is a cottage cheese based dip made fresh using the highest quality Canadian cottage cheese. ​We do not cut any corners on our ingredients and have a special production process that makes it taste unlike anything else. It doesn't taste like the cottage cheese you are used to. Our dips are high in protein, low salt and low sugar.

​The test of a good dip is to ask yourself, “Will you use it to consume an entire head of raw broccoli?" In the case of this cottage cheese-based spread, which is made by a local company and heavy with onion and garlic — yes.